Monday, January 25, 2010

Enjoying Biology

Please review the Online Biology Lesson below and enjoy!

Online Biology Games

Skeleton Hand 92

If you’re a bit hazy about how the human body is put together, check out these fun interactive games to help you learn.

Place the organs

Think you know your stomach from your spleen? See if you can place all the organs correctly in the human body. to play.

The skeleton game

If you found the organ game too easy, then this will definitely test you. Use your mouse to put the bones in the right place. This is a great way to revise the names of the different bones and learn how they are linked together. Visit to play.

Flex those muscles

Go through the list of muscles, moving them to the correct place on the human body. If you find it tricky, there are lots of links to muscle fact sheets for you to check. to play.

Test your senses

See if you can stop your senses from tricking you in this ten-minute game. to play.

  • Read about unusual
    science and health inventions
  • Read about the being a doctor working in the field of sport.
  • Know of any other fun ways to revise? If so, use the suggestion box to tell us about you find.

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

The 5 different Kingdoms

The five different kingdoms that we study in Biology are, Kingdom Anamila, Kingdom Plante, Kingdom Protista, and Kingdom Fungi.

I have search and search the website for excellent and outstanding videos that were submitted to UTube website.

Enjoy the fun!